Crosshole Sonic Logging

Crosshole Sonic Logging Test

The Cross-Hole Analyzer (CHA) evaluates the quality of the concrete of deep foundations by the Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) method. The CHA model consists of a main unit, a receiver and transmitter probe, two independent depth encoders, and the powerful software CHA-W. The test shall conform to ASTM 6760-16.

Drilled shafts are prepared for the test by installation of steel tubes during their construction. During the test a transmitter is lowered down one of the tubes and sends a high frequency signal to a receiver inserted in another tube. Transmitter and receiver move down each pair of tubes, scanning the entire length of the shaft.

Field data is further analyzed by the CHA-W software, which outputs graphs such as First Arrival Time, Wavespeed, Waterfall Diagram and Energy Plot, and aids in test report preparation.