Key Personnels

Ir. Yii Toh Leong

B.Eng Civil (Hons) UK, MIEM, P.Eng (PC), AAE, APEC Eng, IntPE(MY)


Mr. Yii started his working experience with the IJM group industry division in 2001, and has since worked as a pile testing specialist from 2005. He has extensive expertise in foundation testing such as high strain dynamic pile test, pile integrity test, test pile instrumentation and bi-directional load testing. He has involved in more than hundreds of instrumented and bi-directional load tests, and numerous dynamic and integrity pile testing. The type of deep foundation he has tested includes driven pile, bored pile (compression and tension), caisson and barrette. The highest bi-directional test load he has attained is more than 14,000 tonnes.


He has worked with many leading consultants and builders around the world dealing with different type of geological condition for the foundation industry. His experiences also gained from working worldwide in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, Australia, Pakistan, U.A.E., Qatar and Bahrain.

Tatiana Rina Puspasari

B.Eng Civil (Hons), MSc Construction Management


Since beginning her career with one of the leading pile testing specialist in 2003, Ms. Tatiana has accumulated extensive analytical and field experience in deep foundation testing including dynamic testing, test pile instrumentation and bi-directional load test. She currently holds the certification of Intermediate level on Dynamic Measurement and Analysis from the proficiency test conducted by Pile Dynamic, Inc. (PDI) US.


She has worked on projects with some of the world’s leading consultants and builders in both Malaysia and abroad.

Cheong Yeu Bin

BA Econs (Hons) UK, Accounting & Finance


Mr. Cheong has more than 10 years of experience working in various MNC in different industries. Beside from graduating with accounting and finance background, he also specializes in the field of Supply Chain Management and has extensive knowledge in demand and supply management, logistics and warehousing. He has previously served in Alliance Finance, Maersk Logistics, Michelin, Danone and Kraft Foods.


He is also experienced in the implementation of new system such as SAP and forecasting tools during his tenure with Danone and Kraft Foods.